Wasteland with flowers

Here’s my fourth painting about Playa del Carmen, Mexico. An urban scene.

Always unusual, the wastelands can sometimes be really picturesque. Here the vegetation helps a lot. See how it’s improved the looks of this empty lot. Especially during the flowering season… Now it looks like a garden, doesn’t it ?

In Mexico, everything is square shape. The blocks, the houses, even the mayan architecture… that’s also why i chose a square http://pharmacie-ed.net canvas for this serie…

Here the horizontal and vertical lines draw more rectangles and squares… The look is focused to the upper right corner where a graffiti is painted with a nice touch of blue.

No need to go further in details on this painting. I wanted the fresh style of the initial drawing to maintain the liveliness of the vegetal part…


“Wasteland with flowers”, oil on canvas, 20×20 cm (290€)


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