The Pelican

During winter, as my workshop is freezing, i work in my much warmer home… there i just tarted a serie of nine small paintings about Yucatan, the mayan peninsula south-east of Mexico, where i’ve been diving recently. 

Let’s start with this real nice big bird : the pelican. It’s hanging around between some fishermen’s boats in Playa del Carmen, looking for food… behind it, you can see two floating tufts of gulfweed and a mooring rope across.

I started that painting with a quick sketch, done with the paintbrush, to get the shape of the bird into place and values of light (tones?) of the water.

You can still see that brown layer underneath the green and yellow one i later added on top of it… this neutral but still dynamic water is a perfect background for a much more detailed main character.

I like this one vey much.

“The Pelican”, oil painting on canvas, 20×25 cm (sold)



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