Batanta at Dawn

Here I am in the far eastern Indonesia, Raja Ampat, in the middle of Dampier Strait looking south towards the Island of Batanta. 

The sun is not above the horizon yet. The night is finished. A promising day is about to start in this paradise. It is dawn. That beautiful and magical moment. And I am already awake (which is exceptional!).


The big summer clouds maintain a dark shade on the deep valleys. In the rightside of the view, you can barely see the landscape. You cannot tell what the valleys are covered with…

Everything is grey-blue… except an orange sunlit window in the sky.

And this early, you can still see two electric lights on the island… is it a hotel ? It could also be fishermen or any type of boat… 


“Batanta at Dawn” – Oil on canvas (16x27cm) – sold

L'aube sur Batanta

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