The wave

Here is a wave full of sand, about to crush on a beach covered by pebbles. Yes it is possible ! It’s in Cayeux-sur-Mer (France), a little city just south of the mouth of the Somme river.  

Here we have unusually warm colors for a winter beach view (i was surprised of the warm brown i needed when i mixed the colors)…

As if even with colors, the sea is here to compensate the weather ! To go a little further in that warm direction, i pushed the reflections of the sky from blue to purple… At the end we’re left with yellowish brown and purple that are complementary colors. Very good.

On the foreground, i managed to keep the wide touches of paint to represent the movement of the water, washing the pebbles… In an impressionist way i like very much.

The middle of the painting is the wave itself. It’s more detailed : his cancels the movement but gives the focus to the center, that is also the more contrasted area.

The background dissapears in darker shades and desaturate colors… Strangely, this not so detailed area took me a while to get as i wished…



“The Wave” – oil painting on canvas – 100x100cm – sold


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