Here’s a mexican cactus. The kind called Opuntia. Seen at Tulum.

Here the sun is in front of us, on the right. Most of the cactus cladodes are orientated “diagonally” in a way to catch the light on the side we cannot see. Only some on the left side are more “perpendicular” so we can see their lit side… 

Sunlight goes completely through the grass, showing a saturate green i like very much. And it’s so different to the much cooler green of the cactus ! 

In the background, the light bounces very hard on the shiny horizontal leaves it meets.

You can read the shape of the shadow cast by the surrounding trees that is near…another half an hour and this cactus will not be sunbathing anymore for that day !

“Cactus”, oil on canvas on board, 18×24 cm (290€)


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