Cuernos del Paine

“En route” to the mountains !

In the middle of the “Torres del Paine” national park, south of Chile, a road runs along the amazing turquoise lake “Pehoe”, going up and down and playing with the shore…

In front of us, the mounts “Cuernos del Paine”, easily recognized with their 3 layers of rock (dark, yellow, and dark again) soars to 2600m of altitude while we are standing barely above sea level to watch them.

A red car (a beetle (?), for a little entomological joke) is going there.

In the distance, the green of grass is shifting to a cooler color and the shadows turn to purple. Everything seems brighter up there.


“Cuernos del Paine” – Oil on Canvas (30x30cm) – 500 €


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