Church of Playa del Carmen

I’m often attracted by unusual light effects, it seems… maybe because it’s what makes some particular moments of the day unique…

When the sun comes up, its light turns from red to white though pinky oranges and yellow… as the color is constantly changing, true yellow only last for one minute. I wanted to remember this particular minute here.

Next to the ferry-boat pier, this church stands on one side of a city park in Playa Del Carmen. On the far right, you can almost see the beach. The left side of the painting instead is closed by a high arch (the bell tower). This one reflects the yellow morning light on the church facade that is in front of us. All this architecture is white. The side walls look green because surrounded by vegetation, and the roof looks blue because it faces the sky.

This painting was a really nice color challenge (setting the contrast properly was serious stuff too) !

“Church of Playa del Carmen”, oil painting on canvas, 20×20 cm (sold)


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